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ܧӧ ڧߧ֧

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ԧڧާ էݧ ӧѧ

ݧѧӧߧ ֧ܧ֧ ڧߧ֧ ߧ էڧا֧ߧڧ ӧѧۧڧ ֧٧ݧѧ , ڧާݧڧӧѧߧڧ ٧էӧާ ҧѧ٧ اڧ٧ߧ. ֧ߧڧӧܧ ֧ߧ ѧ, ҧ ڧߧ֧ ާѧܧڧާѧݧߧ ݧ٧ ԧѧߧڧ٧ާ. ڧߧ֧ ԧէѧާ ߧѧѧҧѧߧߧѧ ѧܧڧܧ ާߧԧڧ ֧ڧѧݧڧ: ӧѧ֧, ڧݧԧ, ѧݧ֧, ֧ߧ֧ է. ڧߧ֧ ڧ ާߧԧݧ֧ߧ֧ԧ ҧҧ ٧ ֧ݧӧ֧֧ܧ ٧էӧ ֧ ѧާӧӧڧ. ߧӧߧѧ ٧ѧէѧ ڧߧ֧ ڧ٧ӧ֧ ӧѧ اڧ٧ߧ ߧ֧ԧڧߧ ѧէߧ, ڧէѧ ڧ ߧѧڧ ܧӧѧ ߧӧ ԧڧ٧ߧ. ާ էҧߧ ٧ѧߧڧ ֧ݧӧ֧ܧ ӧݧ֧ ߧ ݧܧ ѧߧ ֧ا֧էߧ֧ӧߧԧ ݧ֧ߧڧ ڧ٧ڧ֧ܧԧ ѧާӧӧڧ, ߧ էڧا֧ߧڧ էӧߧ ԧѧާߧڧ.
էا֧ӧ֧ߧߧѧ ԧڧާߧѧڧܧ

ާ ӧ֧ԧ ԧ, ڧߧ֧ C ֧ ߧ֧ܧѧ ֧ڧܧ, ӧ֧է ӧߧէڧ ӧ֧ ܧ ѧܧڧӧߧ اڧ٧ߧ, ٧ѧߧڧާѧ ӧ֧ӧ, ڧԧѧ, ݧѧ ާ٧ܧ ާߧԧ
էԧ. ڧ֧ާѧڧ֧ܧڧ ٧ѧߧڧ ڧߧ֧ ާԧ ӧѧ ֧ѧݧڧ٧ѧڧ ݧѧߧ, էѧէ ӧ٧ާاߧ اڧ ݧߧ֧ߧߧ اڧ٧ߧ ӧӧӧѧ ѧ ҧӧ֧ߧߧ էڧا֧ߧڧ. ާ ԧ, ߧ է֧ۧӧ ߧڧ ֧ӧ ӧ٧է֧ۧӧڧ. ѧܧڧ ٧ѧߧڧ ҧڧӧѧ ߧ֧ӧߧ ߧѧا֧ߧڧ, ٧ߧѧڧ, էݧ֧ӧѧ اڧ٧ߧ. ߧӧߧ, ѧէ ֧ԧ ާߧԧڧ ا֧ߧڧߧ ٧ѧߧڧާѧ ڧߧ֧, C ۧߧѧ, ܧѧڧӧѧ ڧԧ. ާا֧ ѧ ӧߧݧڧӧ֧ ڧݧߧ֧, ѧ٧ӧק ԧڧҧܧ ߧڧ٧ڧ ӧ֧ߧ ݧ֧ߧڧ ѧӧ, ѧ ާاߧ ߧ ѧѧ ֧٧, ާ ݧߧ ܧߧ ܧѧߧ ӧ֧ݧڧڧӧѧ֧.
ڧߧ֧ ܧݧ ڧާڧ٧֧ӧܧѧ

ڧߧ֧ C ٧ѧާ֧ѧ֧ݧߧѧ ڧݧѧܧڧܧ ѧ٧ݧڧߧ ֧է֧ߧ-էڧ ٧ѧҧݧ֧ӧѧߧڧ. ѧߧ ҧѧ٧ӧѧߧڧ ާҧ ا ԧާѧէߧ ߧڧاѧ֧, ާ ܧѧ ӧ ӧ֧ާ ֧ߧڧӧ ҧԧѧקߧߧѧ ܧڧݧէ ܧӧ ҧ֧ էӧڧا֧ էѧ. ֧ݧܧڧ ߧ֧էާԧѧߧڧ ۧէ ӧݧ֧էӧڧ ӧ֧ݧڧ֧ߧڧ ڧާާߧڧ֧.
ѧڧ ߧ ڧߧ֧!
ݧ֧ڧ֧ܧڧ ٧ѧ

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