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Title: Join #YIweekend and win a big surprise! [Print This Page]

Author: admin    Time: 3-30-2016 03:27
Title: Join #YIweekend and win a big surprise!
Hello YI fans,
We all love weekends! So tell us about yours, just tag #YIweekend on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc, we'll draw winners for the best videos, photos or stories every week and reward a big surprise!


Author: emzulfikar    Time: 5-4-2016 09:05
Always force closed when i download from xiaomi yi to my divece,do u know why?
Author: Papeazz    Time: 5-4-2016 09:28
Hello. I wanna tell you. " App yi " have BUG. can't setting pal.
Author: mancinoj    Time: 5-4-2016 20:40
There are several bugs... 1 Cannot set lens distortions; 2 when sign in Facebook app crashes
Author: adminyi    Time: 5-5-2016 06:54
Hi, thanks for feedback, our engineers have fixed this and the app being submitted to IOS, shall soon be available
Author: ram0209    Time: 6-4-2016 02:55
Hello Admin, How do i participate in the contest and is the contest open for all global Yi fans?
Author: Izznadhirah    Time: 6-4-2016 07:26
Hii my yi cam cabt show pic in my sd card..i hve take it out n put back but the same thing occcur
Author: 904peter    Time: 6-4-2016 13:01
Is the app supposed to be fixed. I gave just bought a Yi and I cannot change the AV out setting. I can change the button but it immediately reverts to off when I navigate away from the page ?
Author: hodcohen    Time: 6-4-2016 19:23
Hi, I have sent 2 videos to #YIweekend. I hope you like them. Also, I would like to win a Yi 4K Action Camera if that's possible, because I can't afford one right now.
Author: hodcohen    Time: 6-4-2016 19:25
Both videos to #YIweekend on Twitter.
Author: jOsh86    Time: 8-14-2016 22:19
Having YiCam audio issue in my post. Adminyi yet to advicr
Author: ThwinHtooMg    Time: 10-9-2016 01:45
Please answer me : (1)My yi camera has an error.After taking    photo,the photo cannot be reviewed. How can I do for this case?  (2)Next one isYi camera has no longer battery .2% is consumed within 1 minute. How can I do for battery problems?
Author: JJohnson1983    Time: 4-20-2017 12:45
Hello, Just wanted to check in to see if this is still an ongoing contest?

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