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Hide top YI Lite: Small. Powerfull. Lite

Views: 522 Replies: 3 adminyi 7-13-2017 Post Latest reply 8-10-2017 09:32 Top

Hide top We sent YI 4K Action Camera to space! attach_img

Views: 2214 Replies: 4 adminyi 12-1-2016 Postat Discuss Latest reply 6-30-2017 09:34 Top

Yi 4K+ how to use "AV OUT"? 新人帖

Views: 945 Replies: 9 sonatrack 5-24-2017 Postat Help! Latest reply Yesterday 

Yi remote will not pair with Yi action camera. 新人帖 New

Views: 51 Replies: 0 omgwtfbbq 1+ days ago 19:12 Postat Help! Latest reply 1+ days ago 19:12

Can't choose 4k 60fps on my Yi 4k+ 新人帖

Views: 223 Replies: 5 henrikisacsson 7-25-2017 Postat Help! Latest reply 1+ days ago 06:05

Open source firmware?  ...2

Views: 1411 Replies: 11 JVV 5-26-2017 Postat Discuss Latest reply 3 days ago Vote

MIcrophone replacement [Yi 4K] 新人帖 New

Views: 109 Replies: 0 kaneda79 3 days ago Postat Help! Latest reply 3 days ago

SD Card issue with Yi 4k 新人帖 attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..14

Views: 28228 Replies: 131 dacoco 7-19-2016 Postat Help! Latest reply 4 days ago

Disable timeout on PC app 新人帖

Views: 553 Replies: 2 ndfrspeed2 3-2-2017 Postat Help! Latest reply 5 days ago

Best way to connect to tv. Yi 4k plus. 新人帖 New

Views: 242 Replies: 0 Curado101 5 days ago Postat Help! Latest reply 5 days ago

Live streaming not work 新人帖

Views: 214 Replies: 2 Bestlap 8-11-2017 Postat Video&Photo Latest reply 5 days ago

Yi 4k USB settings 新人帖 New

Views: 101 Replies: 2 danitucek 5 days ago Postat Discuss Latest reply 5 days ago

Yi 4k+ : 480p only for live streaming ? 新人帖

Views: 158 Replies: 3 macsim 8-6-2017 Postat Help! Latest reply 6 days ago

se rompio mi pantalla 新人帖 New

Views: 30 Replies: 0 mauricio 6 days ago Postat Help! Latest reply 6 days ago

Live on instagram 新人帖 New

Views: 40 Replies: 0 Micswan 6 days ago Postat Tutorial Latest reply 6 days ago

Yi 4K+ little bit contrast? 新人帖

Views: 179 Replies: 3 airbag666 7-13-2017 Postat Video&Photo Latest reply 6 days ago

USB-C port not as fast as possible why? 新人帖

Views: 117 Replies: 1 yarex 7-20-2017 Postat Discuss Latest reply 6 days ago

Slow card, camera busy message -> power off doesn't work 新人帖

Views: 398 Replies: 8 Leho 7-26-2017 Postat Help! Latest reply 6 days ago

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